Create and embody a book design that respectfully relates to a named artist and their style. Create a poster entry for Dawson's College Graphic Design Vernissage, an event to promote the graduating graphic design class of 2020.
The year of our graduation is in 2020. A number we deemed perfect in many ways that inevitably became the theme of the poster. And so, it inspired a typographical approach to the design.

The design won 1st place in faculty vote.
Two main inspirations came to my mind when looking at the number 2020:

The duplication of 20 gave me a sense of duality and the repetition of the number 2 and 0 gave me the idea of a continuous sequence.
The thought of having multiple of these posters displayed next to each other gave me the idea of making a design that would continuously repeat the numbers as well as creating an endless pattern.
The design remains slightly abstract and is stronger when more than two of the posters are placed side by side.
End Result