Open Cube
Create an artistic paper-based game that deeply reflects an art movement.
Based on New Wave/Swiss Punk Typography, “Open Cube Game” reflects the typographic approach from the movement in which strict grid-based arrangement conventions are defined. The main characteristics of the movement are inconsistent letter spacing, varying type weights within single words and type set at non-right angles.

Pieces include a black container, 8 different cubes and two informational accordion booklets.
All game pieces are cubes, but they are all different in one way or another. Each cube has distinct windows and half of the pieces can be opened. The graphics are either on the inside of the pieces or the outside.
Reflecting the idea of playing with type in multiple ways, the Open Cube Game gives room to endless composition possibilities thanks to the versatility of the game pieces.
The informational accordion explains the movement in more detail and can be placed along with the game pieces as they are all the same size.
End Result
Open Cube