Miel MTL
Redesign a visual identity for a company into something fresh and modern.
Miel Mtl is a Montreal-based raw honey company. They have bee colonies in the gardens and on the rooftops of many different institutions, public places and family homes around the province.

They focus on a raw and sustainable approach to both honey production and beekeeping.

The improved visual identity aims for a more urban and cozy feel to the brand.
The logo contains different symbols relating to the company: the letter T combined with the letter I brings out the word MTL on top of Miel, the letter E can be read as the stripes on a bee. The shape of the logo itself is that of a honeycomb and the rounded corners keep the image rather friendly. The overall visual identity consists mostly of the strong and bold logo on top of a colored background.
The logo remains black at all times. Since their honey has various product lines that range from different shades of yellow, keeping the logo black on honey jars, coloured shirts and other applications will always reference the bees. 
The striped pattern also becomes the main visual of their identity when the entirety of the logo seems too strong.
End Result
Miel MTL