Create and embody a book design that portrays a named artist and their style.
The chosen artist for this project is Beatriz Milhazes, a Brazilian collage artist and painter known for her vibrantly colored large scale works and installations. Many of her works involve her painting shapes on plastic sheets which are then peeled off and glued to a canvas. The source of the patterns and shapes used in the design comes from her work titled Tropical Summer.

The project includes a short book sleeve, a book cover, sticker sheets, inside spreads and an eBook.
The process of painting shapes on plastic sheets and peeling them off to place on a canvas strongly reminded me of stickers. And so, reflecting the way Beatriz Milhazes creates her works, the cover was designed to become a canvas and allow customization with the stickers provided inside the book.
Owners of the book could either recreate Beatriz Milhazes's original work, create a collage in her method, or, just leave the book completely untouched. The stickers are removable and can be moved around repeatedly.
The ebook keeps the dynamic, colourful, and creative feel from her works. The introduction also keeps the DIY feel by letting the user move the shapes around the screen.
End Result